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Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Dex the Dog This is an Early Reader book designed to help beginner readers learn how to read.
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Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Shop Indie eBooks. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Kids' Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD 0. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Overview What would you do if Old MacDonald's animals ruined your catering business? Find the animals--and see what Ma does--inside. Activities include finding and naming animals and foods multiple nouns for ages 3 - 8. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Karl Beckstrand is the freckle-faced author of 12 books and more than 30 online titles. A publisher with traditional and digital publishing experience, Beckstrand speaks about both kinds of publishing.

He has lived abroad and enjoys volleyball and kayaking usually not at the same time. Congressional Record, and Papercrafts Magazine. Thanks for leaving it for me to … read more finish,Joe. We wish Joe safe travel for the remainder of his Australian adventure and keep in touch. Left by Workawayer Leonie for host. I spent 3 weeks with Cynthia and John and had an amazing time on their farm. Cynthia is a fantastic cook and I enjoyed every single meal of her.

I highly recommend her cheese cake. John just knows everything and conversations with him are very interesting. The farm is lovely and I really enjoyed the animals.

Enjoy hands on experience with Farm Animals in beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland

My highlights were milking cows and … read more making cheese and yoghurt. Thank you Cynthia and John for this fantastic experience, getting to know your culture and treating me like a part of your family. Hope I can come back one day! We loved having Leonie stay with us. She was a tremendous help and happy to tackle any task. She showed a great love of animals and an enthusiasium to learn new skills. Leonie had a great sense of humour and we had many laughs together. We enjoyed learning about Leonie's part of the world and her lifestyle at home. We hope you are able to visit us … read more again, Leonie.

We cannot thank Monique and Simon enough for all they did for us. It was a pleasure hosting them and they developed many new farm skills and utilised the skills they brought with them. We were able to have a worry free week away while Monique and Simon took on the responsibility of caring for our many animals and pets. Both Monique and Simon … read more demonstrated a great love and compassion for animals.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See - Read Aloud Story

They both quickly developed the feeding routine, in fact when we arrived home we discovered one of our favourite cows would not move until she had been given her morning brush!!! The current milking cow also is giving lots of milk thanks to Simon's newly developed milking skills! Monique lovingly cared for a sick chicken we had and also new chicks that hatched while we were away.

We now have new garden steps, the old ones replaced and new ones installed. Thank you again, Monique and Simon, please come back and visit us again. We had a fantastic workaway experience with Cynthia and John, both are lovely, warm and friendly people. Their property is amazing, and their family of animals are delightful beyond words. We spent 2 weeks on their farm, the first week working and learning the ropes with Cynthia and John, and the second week we were privileged to care for the … read more farm and animals whilst Cynthia and John went on holidays.

It was a wonderful opportunity to learn some animal husbandry - we fed and cared for cattle, sheep, goats, poultry, geese, ducks, and 3 cats and a dog. We loved every minute of it, it was such an honor. Highlights were learning to milk a cow, caring for freshly hatched chicks, nursing a sick chicken, and just generally interacting with such a collection of beautiful animals, all of which Cynthia and John clearly loved dearly, and it was wonderful to be a part of.

We were also given a good variety of projects around the property, which we found very really rewarding. We were supplied with an abundance of wonderful and nutritious food, including fresh fruit and veg from the garden. Cynthia is an amazing cook try to resist the Anzac cookies!! We also learnt how to make yoghurt and haloumi cheese, both of which were delicious, and we are excited to be able to make when back home no more commercial dairy for us! Thank you again for welcoming us into your wonderful world, and trusting us to look after it whilst you were away. We will definitely stay in touch, it was great meeting you both, and would love to come back again one day.

We miss all the animals already! With love and gratitude, Simon and Monique. We spent 2 amazing weeks with Cynthia and John and learnt so much during that time. Animal care, gardening and more with hands on experience with all the animals and even got to feed the cutest baby goat! They were extremely kind and welcoming to their beautiful home and provided us with the best food and meals which were all delicious. Thank you … read more for our first experience in Australia and we hope to be back again.

Nicola and Ollie spent two weeks with us on our farm. It was a pleasure hosting them, they were great company and very willing to help in any way they could. Both Nicola and Ollie were proactive and soon learnt what chores needed doing on a daily basis. Thank Nicola and Ollie, any time you want to return, we are happy to have you stay with us. It was a joy having Laura stay with us and help with the farm chores and also in the house. Laura was willing to help with anything and always offered to do more than requested of her. Laura was with us during a very personally sad time for us, and she showed great compassion and understanding, we really appreciated having her with us during this … read more time.

You are such good company Laura, we had many laughs and chats!

She showed an interest in all aspects of the farm and was keen to have new experiences! We only wish you could have stayed with us for a longer time. We miss you already Laura, come back soon! Left by Workawayer Laura for host.

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Cynthia and John you are two of the loveliest people that I have met. You made me feel so at home with you that I honestly felt like part of your family. Thank you for being so kind and welcoming and showing me the running of your farm and introducing me to all your gorgeous animals. I love animals and you both gave me such an amazing opportunity … read more to learn about your animals and get involved with the farm and for that I am so grateful. Cynthia I will miss our gossip sessions and chats, where did the time go???

We could have chatted all day long! Thank you for all the lovely home cooked meals and for teaching me how to make soap and cheese. I will miss all the animals especially milking grace and feeding Izzy and of course Bindi and Sugar and Spice. I would recommend anyone to stay with John and Cynthia as they are such lovely, kind, hard working people and you will have such a great stay with them. Thank you for being such lovely hosts and for making my time with you so memorable. Laura xxx. Jess and her friend Lucy have been with us for three weeks now and I can highly recommend them to future hosts.

Both girls are keen to apply their energies to any task asked of them. Jess and Lucy are polite and friendly and clean and tidy in the house. They are both keen to learn new skills and soon were able to complete their allotted farm tasks … read more without supervision. Jess has learned to milk the goats and also cows and Lucy is proficient at milking the cow! Both girls are hard workers and thoroughly fulfil and job they undertake. It has been a wonderful experience for us having these girls stay and we will be sorry when they leave later this week.

Thank you Jess and Lucy and remember we would love you to come back again. We stayed only one week among John and Cynthia, but we had feel like being one part of the family. At every dinner, they made us a good flat homemade meals. They are a very nice and friendly people, really very close from their animals. The work asked was not really complicated, and this was one real pleasure to take care at animals of the farm. We hope have the opportunity to stay among them again, or to host them to our place in france.

Thank you again for this short but intense week, see you soon. You can only contact Workawayers who have an active membership.

Enjoy hands on experience with Farm Animals in beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Magali and Guilluame spent time with us on our small farm and it was a pleasure to host them. They were both very hard working and willing to tackle any tasks presented to them. Thanks to Magali and Guillaume, we now have a lovely little rock garden at our front entrance. They were clean and tidy and always polite and happy. We would have loved to … read more have them back with us and recommend them both to other workaway hosts. Thank you again, Magali and Guillaume and we hope to meet again in Australia or France.

Anna spent two weeks with us recently and it was a pleasure having her stay. She happily undertook any job asked of her and was very thorough in her work. Anna has a friendly outgoing personality and it was interesting to hear about her own home country. Anna make us a delicious Borsch soup and always offered to help in the kitchen. Thank you … read more again Anna for all your help. Left by Workawayer Anna for host. Cynthia and John are very warm-hearted and caring people, who make you feel like at home from the first day.

If you want to experience a farm life, this is definitely a great place to stay. I enjoyed working with Cynthia and John because everything was well-organised and regarding the tasks it was a good mix of everything: housework, farmwork and … read more gardening. I fell in love with the baby goats and enjoyed feeding them and playing and cuddling with them.

My farmstay with Cynthia and John was a great experience and I learned a lot in only two weeks like how to milk a goat and how to make cheese. Thank you for everything. We were very fortunate to have Mark spend two weeks with us recently. He quickly became part of the family and gave us invaluable help. Mark was happy to undertake any chores asked of him and when at a loose end, quickly found something else to fix or do!

We now have a new goat bail which we use daily as well as a pen to hold the goats in. Mark … read more installed a complete watering system in the garden and was considerate of my specifications for the system. Mark was proactive in making repairs around the farm as he noticed what needed to be repaired. It was also interesting to hear about Mark's experiences and he was clean and tidy in the house. We would recommend Mark to other Workaway hosts. Come back soon Mark, it was a pleasure having you with us.

Left by Workawayer Mark for host. John and Cynthia have a wonderful place and made me feel very welcome. I stayed for two weeks with jobs that ranged from animal care, gardening, installing fences and a gate, mowing, fixing and making items around the farm and lots of little jobs. Children can read complex sentences fairly fluently, taking note of punctuation. They use expression and do not rely on illustrations to help them.

Children might read silently or quietly at quite a rapid pace, taking note of punctuation.

4. DON'T: Let your JRT demonstrate dominance over other dogs.

Usually about 25 pages with 5 to 10 sentences per page. Books might have chapters. Children will read silently most of the time. They are interested in longer texts which they can return to easily after a break. Usually no more than 30 pages and about 10 sentences per page. Usually more than 30 pages. Children read silently with confidence and perseverance. A wide variety of longer, demanding texts, usually with around 30 - 50 pages. Oxford Reading Tree books have the book band colour shown on the spine.

Oxford Reading Tree levels follow the book band colours, however over the last few years, there were a few exceptions to this in the Biff, Chip and Kipper Stories. Some books within the same Oxford Reading Tree level had different book bands. Please note - the publisher has recently updated the book bands in the Biff, Chip and Kipper Stories to give consistency across their schemes, resulting in the latest reprints changing their bands so that all of the books within the same Oxford Reading Tree level now have the same book band.

The book band system is designed to help schools grade their reading books. Most reading scheme books for children aged 4 to 8 years have been given a book band colour by the publisher based on the level of reading difficulty. As you will see from the chart above there are general guidelines about which book bands should be covered at each age group. Please remember that children learn in different ways and make progress at different times.

It is possible that there may be seven year olds on book band red and five year olds on book band turquoise. As a rough guide, children are expected to reach the highest level lime at seven or eight years old. Children who read above lime level are reading fairly fluently and although some books are still graded above this level, children are reading such a wide range of material that the banding becomes not so important.