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Malice in underland

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Price in points: points. Reward points: 20 points. Oh, just to witness the hanging of Alice.

Alice had no memory of killing anyone, or of selling herself to any men. Alice was frightened, but she remained calm. Fear was never something she felt comfortable of showing in public, so she always remained sarcastic or angry. Taking a breath, she spoke. You clearly have the wrong person. I am neither a whore nor a murderer. You can't hide your identity anymore, and now all of England will know the true face of the killer. The guard behind her placed the noose around her neck, and walked over to the lever that would drop the door beneath her.

Alice took an unsteady breath, and she let the worry hit her face. All of the people in the square began to whisper amongst each other. The announcer rolled up the scroll he was reading from and stared at her for a moment before finally answering. Alice gasped. Sweat trickled down from her forehead, and her heart was pounding so loudly she could hear it.

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Was this it? Was this how she was going to die; an innocent victim accused of a crime? No, no! She turned her head around, only to find a pale, sickly looking young man with white hair and wide red eyes staring at her. He had both of his hands wrapped around the lever. She saw his hands begin to tighten around the handle, and her heart stopped. The floor beneath Alice dropped, and she closed her eyes.

She waited for the rope to tighten around her neck and snap it, but instead, something else happened, something very unexplainable. Instead of the rope tightening from her weight and killing her, the rope broke, and Alice was now falling down a pitch black hole. Alice wanted to scream, but she couldn't find her voice. Perhaps it was the mixture of terror and utter confusion that was preventing her from speaking. Or maybe it was the agonizing anticipation of waiting for the bottom of the hole to come, making her splat into a pancake. Alice waited and waited for the bottom, but it never came.

It seemed as though the hole was never ending.

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In fact, she had been falling for so long that she had even found time to think about what was going on. She pinched the arm, and the pain was as real as any pain she'd ever felt before. Alice's fall was over. She rubbed her bottom "What a fall," she began, "but how am I still alive? All she could see was darkness, and she had fallen so far that even when she looked up, she couldn't find the light from the hole that she fell from. Alice stood up and extended her arms in order to feel around for any walls or objects. She came upon a cold, hard surface.

Now she could see from the dim light coming from the end of the tunnel.

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She was in what appeared to be a cave. Though it was dark, she could see water stains running down the rocks. It smelled musky and unpleasant, like the water was stale and untouched for decades. When she made it to the end of the hall, she could hear the voice of the red eyed boy whisper in her ear from behind. Alice jumped from fright and turned to look behind her, but when she did her face almost planted into a wall.

Somehow, Alice was in a tall circled room with no doors or windows. The ceiling was at least 50 feet high, with a giant chandelier hanging from it. The walls were solid, and Alice was trapped in the empty room. Slowly, she backed away from the wall to the center. And why am I not freaking out? The situation had just sunk in, and her brain was rattling with questions and emotions.

Then, a faint scratching noise started in the room. Alice looked up, silent, waiting for it to happen again.

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  • This time she pinpointed the noise that was coming from behind the wall. Crawling towards it, she placed her ear against it. It was definitely coming from behind the wall, and it sounded like something was being scratched against a wooden surface. She tried to push against it again, but still nothing happened. She looked down and found a small tear in the wallpaper. Slowly she began to tear it, unsure of what she would find behind it. Carefully tearing the paper away, she discovered where the noise had come from.

    Scratched into the wood, it read:. A red X painted with a strange dripping red substance sat at the bottom of the wall underneath the scratched writing. She pushed against the small X and found that it wasn't solid. She pushed on it as hard as she could and broke through the small hole. Her hand was covered in the strange red substance. Grossed out, she quickly wiped it off on her ragged dress. Alice bent down to peek inside the hole, but all she saw was darkness.