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In the same survey 55% had a favorable opinion of Muslim Americans, up four percentage.
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New America

America must not be drawn into another Iraq War. The final part of triangulation involves the aggressive use of both education and pro-Western propaganda. Such a media effort might influence some young people to embrace a peaceful version of Islam. Second, the Central Intelligence Agency and State Department could commission the publication of a series of Arabic-language books which pontificate on a moderate, pro-Western, and modern version of Islam. Finally, so-called moderate Muslim regimes such as Egypt and Jordan must be provided with improved military and economic support.

The Islamic State remains a threat to Israel and a threat to the world. We must uproot ISIS by this process of triangulation. Barack Mandela. Licensed Attorney.

American women, children who lived under ISIS transferred to US from Syria

Specialist on Jewish Affairs. Israel Defense Forces United States Army Recipient of National Defense Service Medal, A few days later, she was dropped off on the street about a mile from her house. She was nine months pregnant, covered in scars, and she says she could barely walk on the leg her interrogators had fractured. Her kids, who had been passed between the houses of people she knew in Raqqa, were returned to her.

Her son told Samantha that when he had asked about her, he was told that she was an infidel and that she had been killed. I love you guys!!

Outsiders to the faith were kept at a distance. Their upbringing emphasized Bible study, worshipping God, and preparing for Armageddon. At one point, Lori remembers, their mother believed their house was possessed by demons. To fix the problem, church elders told the family to burn their videotapes of Dances With Wolves and Field of Dreams. He was away from home a lot, driving trucks. But he does remember exorcising an apartment by burning a CD case with a picture of a deformed baby on it. He was strict, he admits, and sometimes he disciplined his daughters with a belt.

Lori remembers it differently. Everybody in the world outside of it was in league with the devil, but anybody within the religion was your best friend. It did not matter who it was. If I want to go and get my gun and shoot you, I can shoot you. She married her boyfriend anyway. Samantha divorced her husband and fell in love with an Iraq War veteran. Her life appeared to be falling apart. Afterward, Samantha and her boyfriend went into hiding.

He did not respond to requests for comment. Samantha gave birth to Michael and split with the vet. In , Samantha told Lori she wanted a new start. But Lori warned Samantha: Stay away from her brother-in-law Moussa. Lori worried that Moussa Elhassani was exactly the type of guy Samantha would fall for.

He was young and handsome. On one binge, he wrecked a Dodge Viper. Employees had complained that he was trying to sell them coke and that he had sexually harassed a teenage employee. Lori fired Moussa several times, but he kept coming back. Within a month of arriving in Indiana, Samantha started dating Moussa. They were married in Moring says Moussa would go on cocaine binges and barricade himself and Samantha in their house.

Moring says Samantha told him that Moussa had threatened to kill her if she ever left. Samantha filed a restraining order against Moring after he confronted Moussa about his abusive behavior. Lori recalls a time when Moussa threw Samantha and her son out in the cold.

Excerpt: The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State | Council on Foreign Relations

She convinced Samantha to leave town, but then Moussa called and begged Samantha to come back. She relented. Moring says Samantha started abusing hydrocodone. Lori recalls seeing needles in her house. Federal prosecutors say Samantha has acknowledged that she and her husband abused drugs. Lori says she reported the shipments to the FBI, and she and other employees say law enforcement seized some of the packages.

Samantha also talked to the FBI, according to Lori and their father. Federal prosecutors confirmed that she was a confidential source for the FBI before she left for Syria. In , Lori quit her job and divorced her husband, who had been charged with domestic battery. Yassine was acquitted. He pleaded guilty in a subsequent case. The sisters stopped talking. Then, in early , Lori heard that Samantha and Moussa were selling everything, including their cars and house. Their neighbor told Lori that Moussa had showed him gold bullion in the back seat of his car. Samantha pulled Michael out of class; the school was told they were moving to Mexico.

She then returned to Hong Kong with Moussa and her two kids. There she allegedly arranged to buy rifle scopes and image-stabilized binoculars. Moussa also told his dad it seemed like the Islamic State was becoming a genuine caliphate, and he thought life would be better there. She figured they had ripped off a drug dealer. In early , Samantha called Lori for the first time in two years to say she was in Raqqa. She phoned occasionally after that, but their conversations were furtive and brief. Later, he said he would send Michael if she paid a ransom.

February, He began talking about wanting to buy Yazidi girls.

Africa: Islamic State's next frontier - The Economist

ISIS had been selling members of the ancient religious minority as slaves since it captured thousands of them in Iraq in August Moussa decided to buy a year-old girl. Then he bought a year-old girl. Samantha tells me she treated the children like her own. She taught them some English. We were very close. And they hated my husband. You can imagine why. When Moussa came home, Samantha says, he would tell her which girl he wanted for the night. He put the girl in the shower, stripped her, and beat her. When Moussa was away, Samantha says, everything was different.

Why you should care

But by early , it felt like a real war was coming. Raqqa residents, afraid the dam would break and flood the city, began to flee. Get out. She refused. Sticking out the US-led assault seemed like her best chance for getting out of the Islamic State, she tells me. In August , she gave birth to her fourth child, a daughter. During the battle, Moussa would disappear for a week at a time. Just be patient. She was relieved.

We Worked to Defeat the Islamic State. White Nationalist Terrorism is an Equal Threat.

In it, he introduces himself as Yusuf. Because of this, all the nations of the world who are led by America have gathered to scare us away from what we have established. This battle is not gonna end in Raqqa or Mosul. By the will of Allah, we will have victory. So get ready, for the fighting has just begun. A man in a black mask shows him how to fire a sniper rifle. A couple of months into the coalition campaign, the bombardment intensified. It was just quiet. We heard birds singing.

Liberty has a price. Take a stand for freedom.

It was amazing. Abdelhadi showed up and said he was taking her and the kids to a town near the Iraq border. When Samantha refused, Abdelhadi said he would take the Yazidi children and the three kids she had with Moussa. She could stay behind in Raqqa with Michael, but she said no.

A couple of days after they reached their destination, Samantha says she befriended a man who said he could help them get out. Through an illicit internet connection, one of the Yazidi girls contacted her uncle in Iraq, who then contacted the Kurdish YPG militia. They were then taken to the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria. She tells me the interrogations lasted for four or five days. On her last day of interviews, the agents told Samantha they were going to send her to a refugee camp.

She begged them not to. When I meet Samantha in the camp in May , six months have passed since she escaped the Islamic State. I ask her what she thinks will happen when she goes home. Two months later, she was sent back to Indiana on a military cargo plane and brought before a federal judge. So far, she is the only American woman to have been charged with terrorism-related crimes after living inside ISIS territory.

In another, recorded by Samantha, Michael puts together a suicide belt. Michael explains how he would detonate the belt and become a martyr.