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The studies on the subject of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transvestite, transsexual and . The family faced with the coming out process of the child.
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The "epi-marks" that adjusted parental genes to resist excess testosterone, for example, may alter gene activation in areas of the child's brain involved in sexual attraction and preference. The initial benefit to the parents may explain why the trait of homosexuality persists throughout evolution, he says. But she adds that to go from changes in gene expression to why someone is attracted to a person of the same sex is a question for which science may never fill in all the blanks.

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The Experience of Christian Parents of a Christian Gay Child

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What made T. Hatterer believes that environ mental and cultural factors are becom ing increasingly important contributors to the development of homosexuality. Some boys may avoid het erosexual encounters because they're afraid they will be inadequate, others may fear the responsibility, still others may be afraid that their physical en dowments will make them subject to rid icule or unable to satisfy a woman. Sometimes, Dr.

Having Same-Sex Parents - What It's Like

Hatterer adds, par ents inadvertently encourage such be havior by explicitly forbidding sexual encounters with girls but saying nothing explicit about other boys. Other environmental influences Dr.

From Genius to Madness

Hatterer has encountered in dealing with homosexuals include the following:. Albert Ellis, New York psychol ogist and author of many books on sex and marriage, shares this view. Psychiatrists agree that it is by no means easy to turn a child into a homo sexual, and most children seem able to resist even the worst combination of influences. He notes, for example, that some young men may be more interested in arts and music than they are in athlet ics, and a boy whose predominant in terests are esthetic is a cultural outcast in current American society. Instead, he developed his excel lent singing voice and sang in the church choir.

Strangely enough, when he traveled to Europe where the prevailing concept of masculinity encompasses esthetic in terests, he had no difficulty with hetero sexual relations, but upon returning to the United States, his homosexuality flared up again.

LGBT Parenting | American Civil Liberties Union

Give him a chance to develop his other strengths, even if they don't fit the lines of our stereotyped view of masculinity. Don't push him and make him feel like a failure if he can't do things that are constitutionally diffi cult for him. Parents can help counter the damage that may be done by the boy's peers, Dr.

Hatterer believes, by conveying to their son that he fits their image of masculin ity and by showing him that they them selves are comfortable in their respective roles, regardless of who does the dishes or the cooking. These were based on intensive examination of the real life of the parents and their children — that is, not based on answers to questionnaires as with Regnerus, but subject to cross-examination in court.

The latter study examined 78 custody appeals decisions involving 79 homosexual parents and children. The children were exposed to a thousand child-years of homosexual parenting and found:. In Table 1 , there is a slight difference in outcomes favoring the gay fathers over lesbian mothers, which tends to support the notion that gays less frequently cause harms to their children.

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Both Regnerus and the custody appeals study found greater contact by lesbians than by gays with their children. The courts almost always sided with the heterosexual in child custody disputes involving a divorcing parent who chose homosexuality — traditional beliefs permeated the whole culture.

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The above studies generally jibe with traditional common sense. They also fit the findings from custody appeals cases in our court system, as well as the outcomes in the Regnerus study.

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At the bottom of Table 1 , across all 40 outcome measures taken as a whole, intact biological, heterosexually-married families had far and away the best rank average, while lesbian- and gay-headed homes clearly ranked last. If parental homosexuality is as irrelevant as homosexuals, our professional associations, and the media assert, why are the above studies — methodologically as sound or better than the ones cited by these entities — ignored or dismissed?

Given that both Cameron and Cameron and Regnerus reported homosexual parents more frequently became sexually involved with their kids, why is the psychiatric elite so anxious to allow more children to be exposed to the risk of homosexual seduction? How Much Child Molestation is Homosexual?