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Ready, steady You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. Well, not anymore. Buy now. Husband and wife duo Itamar and Sarit bring us this intimate collection of middle eastern recipes aimed at any home cooking situation life could throw at you. The book contains more than 80 modern recipes, alongside awe-inspiring travel photography and the stories that go with them.

Perhaps this approach is unsurprising from the human rights campaigner turned food and travel writer, but by the end of the book we had learned more about this part of the world, as well as adding a few new recipes to our repertoire. Named after the olive, so often found in Palestinian cuisine, Zaitoun offers chapters on mazzeh or mezze designed to be shared, vibrant fresh salads and replenishing soups. Proof, if ever it was needed, that food has the innate power to unite us.

Big, bold flavours, unpretentious and generous. Wanting to get a real insiders understanding of Venetian home cooking, Norman moved into a scruffy apartment for 14 months, making daily trips to local food markets to do as the locals do. Part diary, part travel memoir, each chapter takes you on a journey through the seasons, but the key to all of these recipes is simply to buy the very best ingredients you can get your hands on.

Expect the likes of venetian rice and peas in spring or authentic saltimbocca come winter. This is the debut cookbook from Venice-based blogger Skye McAlpine , offering yet another view of Venetian home cooking. When Gunpowder opened its doors in Spitalfields in it bought something new to Brick Lane — an area famed for its curries — and in the process garnered a legion of fans.

Far more than curries, the book offers recipes for bhuna aubergine and crispy kale salad through to party-friendly kadhi paneer parcels. Alongside vibrant recipes which pay homage to her royal Mughlai ancestry, Khan tells her fascinating story so far. Order now. Mallika makes things more accessible with clever shortcuts and hacks, and modern takes on dishes handed down over the years.

Lighter on the sugar, salt and fat, portions are large and wholesome, perfect for the way we cook today. The classic curries chapter features core recipes for the dishes we know and love, whilst the brunch section is set to revitalise our Sunday mornings. A collection of the most popular recipes from her successful delis, recipes are interspersed with diary-style musings on the Deliciously Ella journey thus far. The book ends with recipes from some of her most successful supper clubs. Although Joe does suggest that you should be working out at least four to five days a week, with his recommendation being a daily 20 minute HIIT session.

Eat Happy is the first solo book from this half of the Hemsley sisters and focuses on eliminating food waste, encouraging substitutes and swaps to use up what you have to hand. Recipes are inspired by flavours from all over the world which keeps things fresh and interesting, but all are packed with as many veggies as possible. This, the official companion to the BBC series of the same name, features crow-pleasing dishes that the whole family really will want to eat.

Living between homes, this book was created out of the necessity to get recipes albeit, ones packed with flavour on the table in no time at all and with limited equipment.

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Something we can surely all relate to. Since then his first baby has been born, so uncomplicated cooking has never been more important. A beautifully nostalgic collection of recipes that have made it through the years, written down on scraps of paper, only to finally find a more permanent home in this heartfelt book.

This is a celebration of dinner parties, an ode to having people over. Who are we to disagree? I cant wait to try more of your recipes, it is real hard to work full time have little ones and find ways to eat healthy. I appreciate your website and instagram posts because they inspire me. Is there a preferred method for this meal: quick release vs natural release?

And if I do natural release, how long? When I added the recipe in my calorie counter the number tripled. Help please! This one is high on my list,… but being in N. Ireland, I am unsure if you mean Chicken soup or stock when you describe 1 can of chicken broth. If you could help me out with this small query I would be very grateful. Thanks, Carla. So … this sounds amazing to me, But, in n. A tin of chixken soup added or does it mean stock? Thanks Carla. Gina — were the points based on Smart points? Now that Weight Watchers has changed to Freestyle, have the points been refigured?

Your recipes sound delicious. Thank you for already changing the smart points to freestyle. You rock! LOVE your recipes and both your cookbooks!!! Will you be updating your recipes to reflect the new program? Love them! This is soooooo good. I added some fresh habaneros and jalapenos to give it a bit of a kick. I actually used wild cottontail rabbit and left a bit in the sauce to keep moister; literally fell off the bone after 6 hours on high.

Like anything else, check it every so often and see what works for you. I used rabbit hind legs and back loins on the bone with no issues whatsoever. People like to complain. Never disappointed, very flavorful and liquid absorbs into the rice,. Loved it!!! Can I use the diced tomatoes with medium green chilies and just leave out the cayenne? Do you think this would be an acceptable sub or are the medium chilies really that much more spicy than the mild? I just thought of something — can I used 1 can of plain diced tomatoes plus the 4oz can of diced green chilies?

Would that be a better substitute than the diced tomatoes with medium green chilies? Read the comments before making it!

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Clean Eating Slow Cooker Recipes

I ended up draining my tomatoes before adding them to the mix and taking out a little bit of broth I wanted mine a little dryer and it came out perfect! Great recipe! I just made this and I wish I would have read the comments beforehand. It is liquidy and bland.

It took a lot to doctor it up. Better luck next time. Also, luckily, I checked on it after 6 hours on low otherwise, it would have been very dry.

To our valued customers,

Six hours on low is perfect, the chicken was falling apart and it took very little effort to shred. How can you accurately measure a serving? Could I bake this instead? Love your recipes!

Are you using the recipe builder? Thanks for this explanation. I always wondered why sometimes things came out higher, whether it be from here or other websites. Hi can I use a taco seasoning packet instead of the spices? Would one packet comport? Also any suggestions to avoid watery? Drain tomatoes? Less chicken broth?? I want to make this as a freezer meal for my best friend who just had a baby. Should I cook it first and then freeze, or assemble it all, freeze it and put instructions on how to cook it?

Love this recipe so much! I used thawed out chicken and cooked it on high for 6 hours and the chicken was dry. If using frozen chicken it might be okay, otherwise I would do high for hours. I had the same thing happen. I think it might be the addition of the chicken broth. I have made the slow cooker chicken black bean tacos from this site MANY times and did not have the same problem. Comparing the 2 recipes they appear to be essentially the same with the exception of the broth.

Just a thought. In a previous post, Gina recommended using the chili setting. That equates to 30 minutes. I prepared this today, did a natural pressure release [this took another 30 minutes], and it is perfect. This recipe was mentioned at our Weight Watchers meeting this week. Can I substitute fresh? And how much fresh would be an equivalent? Wanted to love this… I wish it had more flavor… I have another recipe with less work more sodium, as it includes salsa and taco seasoning that I prefer it.

This truly is a family favorite served as suggested over rice. It is great for family gatherings. I have a large crock and always double the recipe. I have three hungry kids under 8 and they love having the leftovers as Santa Fe Chicken Quesadillas. Flavors together were great! Looking forward to eating it…it smells divine! I generally wont do chicken in the crock for more than 6 hours.

If you must, use smaller chicken organic breasts and freeze them first. I have tried this trick with this recipe and in turned out great. Could this recipe be done in the Instant pot? I know you use it a lot. Have you tried this yet? I would be curious how much time it would need, as chicken cooks super fast in the Instant pot. I am allergic to chicken so I would like to use a turkey London broil. Will that change the cooking time or amount of liquid needed?

You could probably use cooked shredded chicken heated with all the other ingredients on the stove top and it come out fine. This has been a regular staple in my house for over a year now. The only thing I do different is not add the corn until about minutes before serving because we like it to have a little texture. My husband and teenager love it in burritos with all the fixins and I usually eat it on baked tostadas for less calories topped with light sour cream and sliced avocado. We only eat about half of it so I freeze the other half and label it for an even easier dinner in the upcoming weeks!

I have an allergy to legumes. Is there something else I can substitute for the beans?

12 Easy Recipes You Can Make in a Slow Cooker - Pinch of Yum

Thank you so much!! No one else asked this, but are the chicken breasts boneless or with bones left in? Hoping to get a quick response since I want to do the prep tomorrow. Thanks, Gina, or anyone! Is there any easy way to convert this for instant pot? Made this tonight and it was delish! For those of you complaining of it being watery, once I shredded the chicken I found the excess liquid got soaked up..

Adds a silliness and also even more Mexican flavor. Does adding the red enchilada sauce affect the amount of liquid which seems to be of concern to some of the people who posted comments. Also, Brian, if you see this — are the chicken breasts boneless or are the bones left it?

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Also, what size crock-pot did you use? Re: Whomever produced the comment that this was a very good world-wide-web website really specifications in the direction of order their brain studied. Made this tonight…it was delicious! Hey Gina! I tried making this last night for the Superbowl and had an epic fail. Mine turned out VERY watery. I just double checked all ingredients and the amounts I used were right — any thoughts?? I'd love to try this the "right" way! To could either use the liquid to cook with rice or add the whole bag of frozen corn usually 16oz instead of 8 and a bit more chicken..

Is that a good way to do it? Also, for the diced tomatoes, should those be drained? I made this today, and it is oh so yummy! I topped with avocado and a sprinkle of cheese. Soooo good! And thank you, Gina! OMG… This was amazing!! I substituted red onion for the scallions and it worked perfectly. My hubby loves spicy food and since we cut out red meat a month ago this works great!

It is so awesome to be able to throw it in the crock pot before I go to school and have it for dinner!! Thank you so much Gina you have changed our lives for the better in so many ways!! If you drape a tea towel over the pot doubled and sideways and then put the lid on it will absorb a lot of the extra liquid. I cannot believe how delicious this is. I've been a fan of this website for years and feel totally dumb for not making it sooner!

39 Crock-Pot Recipes That’ll Last You All Week

I made a burrito bowl with the Chipotle rice one of my favorites of yours! This was phenomenal and truly better than anything I've ever had at Chipotle. For anyone else who is sensitive to heat, the chicken is a bit spicy with the full tsp of cayenne pepper, but once I added rice, sour cream, and cheese, I didn't notice it. Gina, you are the greatest! I have always been partial to slow cooked shredded chicken.

My girlfriend and I have started replacing pulled chicken instead of pork for pretty much everything. Pulled pork is now pulled chicken and there really is no difference. This looks so good and extra points for being a crock pot recipe! Have made this several times — serve as it is, over tortillas or top a salad. So good, even my teenager loves it! Now in heavy rotation. Thanks Gina! Great recipe with the addition of more spices…maybe even some salsa. It's kind of bland, as it. Gina, how do you think this would be with pork tenderloin? Would there be any cooking variations?

I made this today and it was a great recipe! I put the chicken on taco shells with a little mexican cheese, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime juice. This is a favorite at my house. We love it served over cilantro lime rice with a little guac and sour cream! This is a fantastic recipe!!! When my husband tasted it he started to smile. He loves it. I am certainly going to cook this chicken often. Muchas gracias for sharing a great recipe. You are an awesome woman. I made it the broth and everything was great. This yummy recipe has become a staple in our household.

I make it every couple of weeks. It's a keeper for sure! Thanks for creating such easy yet tasty recipes!

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Made this for the In-Laws when they flew in to visit. I worked all day, so this was perfect and easy to come home to. Everyone compiled their own Burrito Bowl- easy peezy. With the leftovers, I made stuffed peppers with the leftover chicken and Gina's cilantro lime rice. Then poured Gina's homemade enchilada sauce over the peppers. Thanks so much Gina! Gosh Gina, you are freaking amazing.

My boyfriend asked for Mexican food tonight, and I decided that I would go to the store tonight. However, by noon I realized that I would be busy until 8pm—no time to cook or go to the store. I was going to make a skillet meal that I saw on another website, but the total calorie count came to per serving. As I contemplated skipping lunch to accommodate it, I did a quick Google search and your website popped right up. Your website has made it so that I rarely ever eat unhealthily. I have quick and easy recipes for when I have no time like today and more complicated ones that I can take my time crafting.

Thank you very, very much from the bottom of my heart. This is a regular now at our house …. I make a double batch and freeze the rest for quick meals later. I have this recipe my first from your site ready in the crock pot, as we speak, and the cilantro lime rice on the stove. It smells divine! Thank you for all you do. It is so very helpful! We recently found out my husband has high cholesterol.

Finding some great recipes on here. I'm thinking he might even like. He's very picky I also follow you on pinterest. Susie Summerfield, FL. So I love diced tomatoes with grn chilies but for some reason one of my family members has issues with any grn chilies. Is there something else I could substitute that would still give me that flavor? Hi Gina- I made this last night, however I didnt drain the beans and it came out with so much liquid in the dish. Any suggestions how to fix that? Tasty as heck. I chose to double the amount of spices after tasting it except the cumin. Yeah there's a lot of liquid but wait…who cares?

I just drank it all. Great and nice blog. It's also very interesting. I have a really hectic job and sometimes it' really not easy to resist the urge to order out instead of just making something healthy not to mention saving money. I've never used a crockpot before- but so far its awesome. I looked all over for canned diced tomatoes with green chilies and could not find this item… or am I supposed to add green chilies to the tomatoes?

What size crockpot did you use? I'd like to stretch this to 10 servings if I could and I have a large crockpot. I made this tonight on the stove top because I didn't have the time for the slow cooker. It was sooo good and my family even loved it. A couple things, I didn't rinse my beans because it didn't say to and it turned my dish an ugly gray color.

Also, because I wasn't slow cooking it, I waited until after I shredded my chicken to add the beans and corn. I didn't want them mushy. I'm really going to have to go through all the other comments and see what people have done but this was yummy as is. My husband loved this on Artisan blue corn and flax seed blend tortillas. We added other garnishments,salsa,onion,black olives and fat free sour cream. It was delicious. Update: seasoning from the broth was perfect. It was soupy but I opened a bag of boil in bag brown rice to soak it up, it worked.

Made a nice one dish meal. Added a squeeze of fresh , lime juice a few chopped sprigs of cilantro, a sprinkle of reduced fat shredded Mexican cheese. Will make again. I am using a mexican tortilla flavored chicken broth, had it in the pantry, a time saver and no need to add spices. It has a nice bit of heat. I have used this broth before to poach chicken in the crockpot.

Will post how it comes out. I still love this recipe and make it routinely. I make it spicier sometimes and vary the veggies. Love it. I saw this too late to throw in the crockpot so I just cooked it over a low heat in my Dutch oven on the stove. I also made lime cilantro rice to go with it. Fantastic dinner! Just made this on short notice. I boiled and shredded the chicken while I mixed the rest of the ingredients in the crock pot.

It'll only sit for about two hours. I doubt it will quite as flavorful, but we will see. I've made the "ten hour version" several times and love it! If a married man like myself can cook for his wife, anyone can. I love your recipes. Just found this recipe the other day and boy am I glad I did.

Took your advice and prepped it the night before, turned it on before I left for work and came home to a deliciously cooked meal! This was really good, especially for a crockpot. Although the cooking time is way to long. Made this a few weeks ago followed the recipe, drained the beans but not the tomatoes , and it came out perfectly! It was so good the day after on nachos add a chips, few fresh tomato chunks, some avocado cubes, a handful of cheese, and stick it under the broiler until everything is melted that I'm serving it at my Super Bowl party this weekend.

Thanks for a really great, really versatile dish! My chef-in-training fiance loves this recipe! I making it again after we just tried it last week! Love all of your recipes! This was fantastic! Tasted exactly like the Chipotle chicken in a bowl and was surprisingly filling. I treated myself to a teaspoon of sour cream and was in heaven. How bad would it be if this stayed in the crock pot on low for an extre 2 hours?

I didn't time it correctly and the 10 hour mark is am. This turned out great! Hubby and kids loved it. Here are a couple changes I made. I used Trader Joes fire-roasted frozen corn. At the very end I added some lime juice because I thought it needed a little acid. Also I added the cilantro at the end. Served it with sour cream, reduced fat cheddar cheese and Chipotle Tabasco sauce. Served it over the Chipotle Cilantro Lime Rice! Made this overnight. Although it came out with too much liquid. I must of done something wrong.

I paired it up with cilantro lime rice. A HIT! I added a zucchini on the last 30minutes. This recipe is a keeper! Thanks so much!! Gina — I was making a recipe in WW with this as burrito meat, when I calculated the points based on the stats on the recipe it came up as 2 points per serving, do you know why? I made this yesterday and it was delicious! Make sure to drain the beans and I drained my tomatoes so it wouldn't be too soupy. Great over cilantro lime brown rice with chipotle shredded cheese, sour cream and scallions on top!

So I am waaay late commenting on this, but what size is your crock pot? Mine is 5 quarts, and I've never used it, but this recipe makes me want to try! Hi, I am new to your website, and love it! I was curious though on this one why the chicken cooks for 10 on low? I have never cooked anything that long especially chicken? I have loved every recipe I have tried so far!

The only way I modified this was in the cooking time. I have found that 10 hours on low results in chicken that is too dry especially boneless chicken. Cooked mine for 4. Also added the corn and black beans in last hour of cooking since I prefer they stay a little firmer. Just my suggestions. This was incredible!

Had it over rice for dinner, then on soft tacos for lunch. So easy and so delicious! I used frozen boneless skinless chicken breast tenders from Trader Joe's, didn't drain the black beans, swapped salsa for the tomatoes and omitted the chicken broth entirely.

Added dried chipotle flakes and will serve it over fresh raw spinach or romaine lettuce topped with lf sour cream and lf cheddar. My husband calls it the "glop" in this taco salad but gobbles it up. I made this last night and DH loved it! What a great and super easy recipie. It is not only point friendly, it is satisfying and delicious. One question, despite drained and the beans and tomatoes, my end result was a bit "soupy". Is that normal? Do I just drain before serving? This looked so amazing so I had to make it! I found it to be very bland with very little flavor. I served over rice which made it even worse.

I definitely won't be attempting this one again. I have made several other recipes from you that I love though, but this one was not one of them. Is it okay to throw the chicken into the crockpot frozen, or will it not defrost in the crock pot within the 10 hours?

Thank you so much! I made this for my sister, who can be kind of a picky eater, and she proclaimed that it was her favorite thing that I have ever made ever ever ever. I love that it can be served healthy, such as over a salad, or made less healthy, such as served over some chips, for anyone who wishes.

I cook it up and let anyone who is over decide how they want it. I provide lettuce, tortillas, tortilla chips, sour cream, and some cilantro dressing which is great if you put it on a salad as well as some cheese. Made this today and you could smell it before we opened the door this afternoon. Even hubby and 2 year old daughter ate entire plate full. Only omitted the cayenne because of daughter, but everything else was perfect. Will definitely be making again. I have run out of cilantro and am making this in the morning before I go to work.

Will it be just fine without it? I LOVE cilantro, but unfortunately, I am out of that and other fresh herbs and want to make this tomorrow. Do you think that the cilantro is too vital to leave out? This was amazing! I made it overnight for lunches today and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. I skipped the corn. I also use Pomi chopped tomatoes — much safer, in my opinion, than canned tomatoes — and added about half a small can of mild green chilies.

And unlike some others, I had no liquid left but I did use pretty much exact amounts of everything called for including exactly 24 oz of chicken. This is what is on the menu for today's lunch! I cant wait to try it. I am a little perplexed about the amount of liquid was left.

None the less, I am excited to try it and love your site! Looking forward to breaking in my new slow cooker with this recipe! Thanks Gina, for the awesome recipes!!! I make it at least twice a month and everyone who tries it wants the recipe. The only change I make is to leave out the corn I'm allergic. Otherwise — fantastic as it is. What an awesome recipe! I will be making this for dinner tonight since I started eating healthier and working out today. Much appreciated! I made this for dinner last night. Really really good!

I did have to add a little more seasonings to my plate as my tastebuds are a little off from chemo treatments, but other then that my boyfriend and I thought it was wonderful. I opted for kidney beans instead of black, just a personal preference. I would suggest when storing leftovers, to keep the chicken mixture and rice separate otherwise the rice absorbs alot of the liquid and becomes mushy when reheating.

I also would suggest adding a little crunch. Maybe serving in homemade taco bowls, or adding crushed tortilla's on top. I just tried some of the leftovers reheated on a plate and used tortilla's as a "scoop", man that was good!! Thanks for the great meal! Definitely a repeat recipe. This is my absolute favourite recipe! It is so tasty, freezes well and is great for my lunches throughout the week. And with very little ingredients just add condensed soup, Italian dressing, and cream cheese , you can whip it up before heading out the door to work and serve it immediately upon arriving home.

Just combine four ingredients and you're done! Browning the skin seals in the flavor, but either way, this one-dish meal cooks the chicken to perfection, while integrating a few vegetable options to boot. And if you want to switch things up a little, add in Thai chilies or fish sauce for a flavor boost.

Italian bread. Slow Cooker Lemon Chicken and Carrots. Crockpot Chicken Alfredo. Crockpot Chicken Cacciatore. Crockpot Chicken Curry. Continue to 5 of 12 below. Crockpot Chicken and Shrimp Alfredo.