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Tenaya Amelia is a life-long dreamer who has studied with.
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When they think this way and are sincerely seeking for the truth, they often dream about Jesus…In Iran, Muslims were not allowed to go into the few registered churches that existed. In all of the Persian Evangelical Churches were forcefully closed. I saw something moving inside my eyes. Something like rain, drops coming from heaven even though I was under the roof [inside]. I went to the yard outside knowing I am awake.

I am not sleeping. Then I saw a huge tree. I thought that maybe the light came from the tree, but the light is moving from the middle of the tree. All around the sky I saw small lights coming down to me. Then I was laughing. A huge day for my life because I recognized that God, the person who created the world, is alive.

The student me is ready. Thank you for this post. I have always been afraid to share my dreams with the people around me, because I have been ridiculed in the past for them. The more I move towards my dream, I know that one day, I will be able to share it with my loved ones, without any fear. Seek God and wise council and you will succeed, bless you and your family love Jacqueline xx.

Just discovered your blog Joshua, and love it already. This is a challenging and powerful post. Going through this process in my own life right now and have held back for the exact reasons you mentioned. This is a good reminder for me.


Inability to Speak

Thanks for sharing Joshua. This is just what I needed to read today Joshua — thanks!

You are an inspriration to me, to persue my Dreams and live my Life in my own way. I make the rules.

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Although fairly lucrative, my job was slowly destroying me both mentally and physically. Since then, my disposition has changed for the better and my blood pressure has dropped from the danger zone it was constantly flirting with. I have enjoyed the brief time off to re-energize myself and rediscover what is truly important in life.

Thanks Joshua, for being a beacon of reason — keep up your great work! I have read this book four or five times now. Not sure if his call to lifestyle or call to orphans attracts me the most to find myself coming back to this memoirs of a man that truly lived for others.

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This is just what I needed to hear. Your blog has helped me so much, I just want to thank you. Next week, my husband and I are letting go of our life in California and moving to the Midwest to pursue our dream. Other people completely get it. Hi Cassi, I totally get it see my post below.

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Kudos to taking this awesome and admirable step! I hope you are able to continue to to get more healthy and pursue what matters. Good for you both! Best of luck. Lots of farm land and open fields, farmers markets, friendly people. Slower pace and peace of mind.

Yes, we are going to be living in an old farmhouse off a dirt road ourselves. This post really hit a nerve with me particularly the bit where you talk about having been surrounded by negative family members. I grew up in a family that was and still is very negative. Very bad. How on earth do I get over this massive obstacle? The first thing I would recommend doing is adapting a positive mindset. I recently completely changed how I look at life. My attitude is better. But the best part of all was when I publically announced I wanted to pursue writing.

The amount of support that has flocked in is absolutely incredible! I always thought nobody cared for my writing and people are ready to read my stuff. Pursue your dreams and your it will become your reality! What do I need to do to make these dreams a reality? Sharing our dreams helps us remind us why we had them in the first place. Although sometimes we have no control over our dreams.

We hope to achieve or realistically of the problem we see to solve. Find clarity by articulating our dreams aloud, we find clarity in understanding their uniqueness… Thoughts disentangle themselves when they pass through the lips and the fingertips. I appreciate you so much Joshua.

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You are so transparent and that is a beautiful thing. Thanks for saying it again. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Another major theory of dreaming is threat-simulation theory, which holds that the evolutionary function of dreaming is for us to practice how to behave in threatening situations. There is a lot of evidence for this theory, too. First, most dream emotion is negative.

Also, people tend to dream of ancestral threats: falling, being chased, natural disasters, and so on. These frightening elements are overrepresented in dreams—that is, we see them in dreams much more than our experience in our day-to-day world would predict. Many people dream of being chased by animals, but how often does this actually happen to people?

The overrepresentation of animals chasing us in dreams, especially for children, suggests that we have some innate fear of them. These two theories of dreaming are often presented as competing, but as far as I can tell, they are compatible—that is, even if dreams are interpretations of chaotic input from the spinal cord, there is still a theory needed to describe how that chaotic input is elaborated into narratives that we experience as dreams, and it is quite possible that the mind takes advantage of this opportunity to practice dealing with dangerous things.

Why do we feel the urge to talk about our dreams? We like to talk about dreams to help us prepare for how to act in dangerous situations in the future. Which leads us to why we find our own dreams so interesting. There are three reasons, based on known psychological effects, although all are speculative, in terms of my application of them to dreams.

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The first is negativity bias , which makes us pay attention to dangerous things. Because most dreams are negative support for the threat-simulation theory , our bias in favor of negative information makes them feel important. The second reason has to do with the emotional primacy of dreaming—because so many dreams are so emotional, they feel important in a way that people hearing about them, not feeling that emotion, might find hard to relate to.